Seldom Sene

Recorder quintet Seldom Sene, founded in Amsterdam in 2009, is a group of five musicians with a mutual passion for consort playing. With a combined interest in theinterpretation and performance of both early and contemporary music, these highly skilled and dynamic young players each bring a wealth of expertise, creativity, passion and virtuosity to the ensemble. With inventive programmes that juxtapose early and contemporary music, Seldom Sene excels at all aspects of ensemble playing, performing with "power, precision and profound expression" (Gustavo Beytelmann, Illzach 2011).

For more information please visit www.seldomsene.com

The Royal Wind Music

The Royal Wind Music is an ensemble consisting of thirteen musicians from eight different countries performing on a collection of 45 renaissance recorders. The group was founded in 1997 by Paul Leenhouts and has captivated a steadily-growing worldwide audience ever since with its performances of instrumental music from the period 1520-1640. Their wish to bring Renaissance music to life in an authentic and accessible way results in programmes that juxtapose rarely heard compositions with well-known repertoire. Playing entirely from memory and without a conductor, The Royal Wind Music is also known for its engaging performances and ability to communicate with the audience.

For more information please visit www.royalwindmusic.org